Abundant Life wishes you and your family a very merry Christmas this year.  Please use these links below to help your family experience the Christmas story in its fullness together.

Parents’ guide. Click on this image to download the parents’ guide. In it, you’ll get information on how to use this year’s Advent calendar poster, along with the daily stories that are in the guide.

Story booklets. Click on this image to download the patterns and directions to make easy-fold booklets for each story. The daily stories correspond with this year’s Advent calendar poster.

Advent poster. If you did not get the 2015 Advent calendar poster in December’s Thriving Family magazine, you can download the color version here. Follow the instructions to assemble it, and hang it in a central location in your home.

B&W Advent poster. Don’t want to print a full color version? Download the b/w version  of the Advent calendar poster here. Follow the instructions to assemble it, and hang it in a central location in your home.

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The Bright & Morning Star

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