**Attention Kids & Families – SUNSET NURSING HOME BLESSING**

I’ve spoken to Sunset Nursing Home in Boonville. They currently aren’t allowing any visitors of course. There are many lonely residents. 

For our Kids Project this week, we are going to bless them by sending them encouragement. Here are the details:

1. Take an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
2. Have child draw a picture, write a bible verse, write a note, etc to encourage the residents.  
3. Take a picture of this and send it to photos@getabundantlife.com
4. Send it via email by Monday 3/30 by 12pm.

We will print the pics and drop them off for Sunset to distribute. 

Thats it! You can encourage the residents of this senior community without having to leave your home.

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You did it! Yahoo!