“The works were finished from the foundation of the world.” Hebrews 4:3

My calling has not been as a carpenter. It is not that I am terrible at it. I actually enjoy an occasional project as long as I have the time and provisions to do it. Recently I had a very unpleasant time with a bathroom renovation. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work but I just did not have the time to do it. I had to try to fit it into the busyness of my life. All through the project I found myself tense, because in the background was playing all the other responsibilities and jobs that I needed to get to. If the project was the only thing that I was doing I believe I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. So it is with the will of God.

If we try to fit God’s plan around our own goals and projects we actually can find ourselves tense instead of free. The genius of God’s design is that when we surrender our life to him, He becomes our life. He will find expression in whatever we say or do. Everything that we need for life and godliness has already been supplied through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Remember Jesus’ final words on the cross, “it is finished”? We have been ordained in Christ for good works. They are not separate from our life, but are an expression of a life now filled with the purposes of the will of God. This new God project brings God’s presence into all expressions of our life. Hebrews 4 actually speaks to us about laboring to enter into this pattern of a completed rest of God. We are to be conscious of all of his provision, presence and His grace in and on our lives.

“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God through Jesus Christ.” Our job is not to try to fit God into our lives, but to understand that our lives are hidden in Christ, in God. Let all other endeavors drift away and simply enjoy the project of being God’s workmanship and co laborers. Have fun today on the worksite.

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