Abundant Life Church family,

Excited to WORSHIP our LIVING GOD with you this weekend.

A couple of updates in regard to our in-person service.  

1. KIDS – We WILL be offering a children’s church program for kids ages 3 and above.  This will be outdoors under the carport and will consist of a kids program on video and a snack.  Children may be split into 2 or more groups based on the number that come.  

2.  MASKS – based on local officials request and our desire to follow the biblical standard of submitting to local authorities (as long as it doesn’t infringe upon our abilities to worship the Lord) we do recommend that you would have a mask with you and wear it when in close contact with others.  When you are at your seat and worshipping or when you are outside, feel free to take this off.  Please note that this is a recommendation and there are some in our church family that may feel more comfortable speaking with you because of their own health concerns.  

We have 2 ways this week that you can participate in this weekend’s worship service.  

  1. You can join us LIVE & IN-PERSON at our facility in Boonville.  
  2. You can watch on Facebook Live or on our website at 10am.  

You are probably reading this on the 4th of July, a celebration of the birth of our nation.  We are known historically and throughout the world as a free people.  Be reminded today of the greatest freedom that you have – the freedom that Jesus Christ brings to your life.  A freedom from the shackles of sin and a freedom that offers a promise of hope for your future.  This is not a freedom that is offered by any person or any nation, but from the LORD Himself.  Pause today and reflect on the freedom that was bought for you through the cross of Christ.  

We can’t wait to see you all and worship the LORD together.

Blessings church family,
Pastor Brandon, MaeLeah & the ALF Elder Team

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