I hope and pray this message finds you healthy and well! The past 18 days have certainly presented each of us with new challenges. Finding the new temporary “normal”, while also processing the daily changes can create unique obstacles for each of us.  
Our thought life has many contenders these days. You may have found yourself laid off with a new financial pressure. You may be a health care worker with a job load only increasing and a real and present threat to your family.  You may now be your child’s teacher. Perhaps you or a loved one are in a “high-risk” category. 
I found myself taking notice of the atmosphere yesterday.  I could sense the uncertainty in moments.  I could also sense the awareness we are all awakening to. Awakening to the importance of and our real need for a savior.  He is SAVIOR, the one who really did overcome the world.   We all teeter between hope and anxiousness at times.  We must remind ourselves that this will end and our God is powerful, all knowing, and will be glorified. Redirecting our trust when we begin to fret and grapple for the answers, strategies, and contingency plans is essential. 
In this time, reach out.  Reach out to others for help. Reach out to provide help.  Pray for one another!
I am praying for you all, that in this season you would find spiritual rest.  I am praying that you would find a new depth in His presence and a new volume of His voice.  
A good friend of mine shared a beautiful message this past weekend and I have included it in this email.  Grab some tissues, your bible, and a notebook and be blessed by her story.  I am so excited to see you all soon.  All my love, prayers, and excitement about what He is up to!

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