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10 AM

New to Abundant Life?

We were all new to Abundant Life once.  Picturing how you and your family fit into a church can be difficult.  At Abundant Life, we want to make sure that you do not feel in any way pressured to make this your church home.  Our heart is that you will find a local church to connect with, and if it is here, that would be awesome.  If you are not quite comfortable with our style of worship or would like to look at other local churches please let us know, and we will direct you to other Bible-teaching churches in our area (there are a lot of them!). 

Sunday Experience

Praise and Worship starts our services with upbeat songs from a modern band. After worship, we release our children to be ministered to in our education wing and greet one another.  You will then hear from one of our pastors with announcements about upcoming opportunities to engage in what the Lord is doing at Abundant Life.  We then hear a message from God’s word.  Expect to be challenged. After service we have a time to relax and get to know others.  Feel free to take advantage of our cafe.  You are welcome to stay for as long as you would like to and wander around or get to know some great people from your community.

Questions about Children?

Our Children’s Program is for children ages 0-12.  We have a trained staff that is able to minister to your children in one of our 5 classrooms while you stay in the sanctuary.  We also have an area in our foyer with a television if your child would be more comfortable sitting with you in the lounge area.

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Dinner Devotionals

Take the journey towards family discipleship! 5 minutes per day, around your table, with your family.
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