This past Sunday we shared with us from Acts 1:6-8. His main thought was how small we think as individuals compared to the thoughts of God. We see in part the Bible tells us but oh how small that part can be at times. How sad for us when we make our God so small as to think he can’t handle the cares of our individual lives when actually our God is so great that the heavens and the earths cannot contain him. He is such a God of detail that he knows every hair on her head and when any sparrow falls to the ground. When considering the plan for our life let’s learn to see with peripheral vision. When we consider all that

God has done for us, is doing for us and what he has planned for us, it is awesome Let be careful not to focus on immediate problems so intently that we could see nothing else, but instead remember this that our God cares for us, and is for us, with us, and among us. Remember what Jesus said” remember that I am with you always even until the ends of the Earth.”

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