“Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Matt 22:21

Most everyone is familiar with the above verse where the Pharisees tried to trick Jesus with the question of if it’s lawful to pay taxes.  The currencies of this world have pictures of men and the symbols of strength that would back the value of their coins.  In this life they may have power to purchase temporary things but they have no power to affect our eternal destiny.  But could there be such a thing as heaven’s currency?  If you would, please be kind enough to indulge me in an image of my own interpretation.  On one side of the coin we would find the grace of God.  Grace has been called the unmerited favor of God.  There are some astounding promises linked to this grace.  Things like, “everything you do will be blessed.”  God will be with you in all of your ways.  He will bless you in your sitting down, your standing up, and as you walk through this life.  God will go before us with shouts of grace, and probably one of the greatest statements is; “for by grace you have been saved.”  On the other side of this coin we find the loving-kindness of God.  Loving-kindness speaks of God’s mercy.  That God, not giving us what we deserve, but giving us His loving-kindness.  His loving-kindness is better than life itself.  It is constantly working to bring us safely on our journey home.  This is currency that we can live with.  To each one who believes in his name, God has given us this heavenly currency.  It is ours to meet every need.  Ours to share with others.  It is a treasure that neither moth nor rust can destroy.  Rejoice in  heavens’ currency and allow it to carry you home.  God’s grace and loving kindness be yours through Jesus Christ.

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