Recently the local weather forecast carried a warning to beware of possible flooding along the Black and Moose Rivers.  It was called a flood watch and it carried the message to be prepared for high water in low lying areas.  With this in mind, we decided to check on the flow of water near Hawkinsville.  It’s a good place to take in the serenity of the natural world and to view its beauty.  

As we drove along River Road we saw broken slabs of ice as well as open water.  Many animal tracks also attracted our attention.  We hoped to get as far as the old abandoned bridge at the road’s end.  Our forward progress abruptly ended when we came upon a road blockade which warned us to STOP!  We knew the road ahead was flooded due to recent heavy rain and very high winds.  It was disappointing to end our drive, but we realized the blockade was there for our own good.  We turned around and went safely on our way home, praising God.

The road block holds a reminder to take heart of all of the Words of Christ.  His warnings and teachings are His way of protection for those He loves.  The bible is His road map to life.  If you follow its words your journey will take you safely to His Father’s House, where there are many mansions, and a place for you!

READ: Matthew 7:24-25, John14:2

Let’s Talk About It:

  1. When your plans are stopped by things, do you get made or sad?
  2. What does a wise person do when he builds his house?
  3. In the bible verses, who does the rock stand for?

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